With spring market right around the corner, we are getting excited for new designs for your home.

What we are seeing as new and fresh might shock you.

FLORALS: This isn’t your grandma’s sofa from 1993. Think bigger blossoms and bolder colors. Floral accents will be huge this spring.

flowerpaint  flowerprintchair  floral-headboard

Bohemian: An eclectic combination of tribal prints, Persian rugs, pom poms, tassels, textures and patterns, patterns, patterns!

boho1  boho2  bohorug

A New Romance: Metallics have been huge in the last couple of years. We will see a softer side, introducing metallics with neutrals and blush tones.

Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 12.14.33 PM    Paint  Kiss




Community Connection

I have one simple statement that I need to address, we have been blessed to be part of the Charles City community. Our business thrives on our community and we appreciate this connection!

We recently participated in Witchfest which is a fun shopping day for everyone to participate in for both the participants and the businesses. The first 100 participants received a swag bag and a free fire extinguisher to celebrate National Fire Prevention Month at the chamber. Participants and sales associates were encouraged to dress up as witches. The best part of this event is to see several witches walking around town. This year over 20 local businesses participated in this event and handed out coupons and gifts.

The Furniture Barn had some exciting in store events: a pumpkin decorating contest and a Restonic queen size bed giveaway. We brewed some witch’s hot apple cider and had great sales including BOGOs on lamps, decorative pillows and greeting cards.


We’re looking forward to a few things coming up in the future! On October 14th we are volunteering at the Charles City Theater. Come heckle us as we serve popcorn and soda! On October 18th our window decorating contest comes to an end. Vote for your favorite window display here…


Crystal is seated in a corner of our Witch’s Kitchen. Stop by at night to see the full moon glow!

In November we are participating in Wine Down Wednesday and ElfFest which conveniently lands on Small Business Saturdays. Keep up with our events on Facebook and Instagram @thefurniturebarninc.




Fall is Near!

It has been awhile since we last updated our blog, we won’t let that happen again! Promise!

This time of year seems to go by fast with school starting, football games to be watched, tailgates to plan, holiday shopping and colder weather approaching. With colder weather knocking on the door, its definitely the perfect time of year to start preparing the house for company, especially the pleasantly unexpected company.

Here are a few things that we are looking forward to…

Friday Flash Sales: Visit our website, to see our Friday Flash Sale. These prices are drastically cut to give you the best possible deal we can provide! Right now we are featuring the super cozy deluxe Lexie Throw, for only $28.00. This item can be shipped directly to your door in 48 hours. Visit our link…


Witchfest: Do you like shopping? Do you like shopping while drinking wine? Do you like shopping, drinking wine, and dressing up as a witch? Do you like shopping, drinking wine, dressing up as a witch and getting FREE stuff? Well, you get my point… its a pretty awesome event that is happening in Charles City, IA and I encourage you to throw on a pointy hat and join the party October 3rd! Details are here…

We have a BIG sales event coming up soon as well with huge discounts to look forward to. I can’t divulge too much but get excited!

The next post we will get down to business on everything that happened at the Red Wing Home Furnishings Market!

Have a great weekend!

Hot off the Press!

We are excited to announce our brand new website! We have had one since 2006 but the changes we have made are astronomical in the digital world.

Here are some new changes to look for:

Pull up our website on your smart phone, we’ve gone mobile! You’ll be able to shop for products directly from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Did you notice that I said SHOP!

You, as our lovely customer, can shop on our website. Previously we didn’t have the capability or technology in place to give you the convenience of ordering online but now we do!

Some things to look forward to in the future are Ashley Express and Daily Deals!

Ashley Express products allow you to shop directly on our website and have items delivered to your doorstep. Some products are eligible and will have an Ashley Express logo appear on the picture.

Finally, look for our Daily Deals with HUGE markdowns. These products will be offered daily via our website, our blog and Facebook.

Make sure to like us on Facebook to see our Daily Deals!

Have a great day and enjoy this summer weather.

The Beginning


It is always difficult to get started on any project. Starting a blog for our family furniture store, The Furniture Barn, is no different!  Through out the years, we’ve come to understand the difficulties consumers face. We all have unlimited access to information using the internet which can be positive and negative. We have seemingly unlimited choices and again, mostly due to the internet. Our goal is to help you- our readers, costumers, family and friends with interior design choices, favorite products and what makes them so great, trends and possibly a DIY project! We will see where inspiration leads us in this journey! Thank you for reading our post and expect some creative and fun updates as we walk this path together.

-Kim Callison